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WXYZ Building in Chicago


17 September 2003


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17 September 2003

18 September 2003

19 September 2003

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Summary of Field Testing
WXYZ Building in Chicago
17 September 2003

1886 Robinson Fire Insurance Map
  • Excavations  began at 6:30 AM this morning.  Utility companies were notified that we would be digging.  SBC Ameritech, Com Ed, and People Gas responded that there were no buried utilities in the project area.
  • Area of excavation is highlighted in Pink above the number 6.
  • Note that lots 5 and 10 on the west side contained structures along Roosevelt Road.  We placed a 500 foot excavation trench (city blocks are approximately 600 feet long)along the back of the lots - there is some suggestion that structures were located along the lot line immediately adjacent to the alley.  Note that lots are approximately 25 feet wide.
  • We did encounter concrete foundation in lots 12 East and 12 West.
  • Average depth of trench - 65 inches.


Excavated material from the west end of excavation trench

Excavation trench would periodically fill with water. Water held in loose colapsed construction material.

View of excavation trench looking westward.

Modern debris - rolled up carpet in excavation trench.

Karen Poulson mapping profile of excavation trench.

Foundation walls an view of interior of lot 12 east.

Modern debris in trench.