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Important Links for Federal Undertakings and Permits

Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Archaeology and Historic Preservation The National Park Service, on behalf of the Secretary of the Interior, has developed a series of standards in various areas of historic preservation.  These include standards for preservation, reconstruction, rehabilitation, and restoration.  In addition these standards outline the basic qualifications needed by  professionals to conduct work in historic preservation and Section 106 reviews.
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation The Council is an independent Federal Agency, established under the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 which advises the President and Congress on historic preservation matters.  It reviews Federal Agency historic preservation programs and policies and is instrumental in the execution of the Section 106 review process.
National Register of Historic Places


The National Register is the master list of historic properties considered significant to our nation's history. The National Register is administered by the National Park Service.  National Register listings include buildings, structures, sites, objects, and districts that possess historic, architectural, engineering, archaeological, or cultural significance at the national, State, and local levels.
National Center for Preservation Technology The National Center for Preservation Technology (NCPTT) was established by Congress in 1992 as an interdisciplinary program of the National Park Service to advance the art, craft and science of historic preservation in the fields of archeology, historic architecture, historic landscapes, objects and materials conservation, and interpretation. NCPTT serves public and private practitioners through research, education and information management. As part of its mission the Center provides grant money and training in all areas of historic preservation.
Technical Documents on Preservation Issues As public steward of many historic federal properties, the General Services Administration (GSA) has developed technical procedures to be used in specialized historic preservation work, as well as general evaluation, maintenance and repair of older building materials.  On this web site you can find copies of publications from series like the National Park Service Preservation Briefs  and Preservation Tech Notes. This is an extremely valuable site for both professionals and lay practitioners.
Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) The Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) is an integral component of the federal government's commitment to historic preservation. The program documents important architectural, engineering and industrial sites throughout the United States and its territories. There are three distinct levels of documentation that can be required in the documentation process. A complete set of HABS/HAER documentation - known as Level I Documentaton, consisting of measured drawings, large-format photographs, and written history, plays a key role in accomplishing the mission of creating an archive of American architecture and engineering and in better understanding what historic resources tell us about America's diverse ethnic and cultural heritage. To insure that such evidence is not lost to future generations, the HABS/HAER Collections are archived at the Library of Congress, where they are made available to the public.

Important Links for State Undertakings and Permits

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Matters relating to historic properties and historic preservation regulations and reviews are handled by the State Historic Preservation Officer and the Division of Preservation Services in the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency.  The review all Section 106 projects as well as state permits that might affect archaeological and historic properties.
State Historical Society of Wisconsin The State Historic Preservation Office is housed in the State Historical Society of Wisconsin (SHSW).  The SHSW is responsible for a number of state historic sties as well as the state historic archives and the state historical library.  Firms and agencies needing information on the Section 106 review procedures in Wisconsin should consult their pages dedicated to historic preservation and project reviews.
Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology The Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) houses the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology as well as the SHPO offices.  In addition the State of Indiana provides information on burial laws and archaeological investigations.
State Historical Society of Iowa The review of all Section 106 and related projects are done by the Iowa State Historic Preservation Office housed in the State Historical Society of Iowa.  This web page provides important links to various preservation services including National Register Nomination Instructions, grants, and CLG Programs.
Oklahoma Historical Society The State Historic Preservation Office in the State of Oklahoma is housed in the Oklahoma Historical Society.  The have a very excellent Section 106 Review and Compliance Manual on-line.  It outlines the procedures required by their office for Section 106 review for both historic and archaeological resources.
Nebraska State Historical Society The Nebraska State Historic Preservation Office is located within the Nebraska State Historical Society.  The have some basic information that outlines their requirements for archaeological and historic reviews under Federal Section 106 regulations.

Links to Important Historic Preservation Organizations

National Trust for Historic Preservation The National Trust for Historic Preservation was chartered by Congress in 1949. It provides leadership, education and advocacy to save America's diverse historic places and revitalize our communities.  The president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation is one of the 20 members of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
Preservation Action Preservation Action is the only nation-wide organization that lobbies for preservation legislation on both the state and federal level. It is a vital player in working with the Federal Government to make sure preservation programs are funded and preservation policy is carried out.
Society for Historical Archaeology  
Society for American Archaeology  
Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois  
Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana  

Links to Web Sites with additional information on Archaeology and History

Travelthepast.com Travelthepast.com was founded in 2000 to encourage heritage tourism.  This site provides a comprehensive list of historic places in the United States along with photos and historical information about the events which make the historic place important in American History. The site is a valuable tool for travelers and is a valuable resource for students and teachers interested in teach with historic places.
About Archaeology  
Archaeological Institute of America  
Archaeological Conservancy  

Links to Client and Associates Web Sites

Heritage Research, Ltd Heritage Research, Ltd. (HRL), is a sister company to Archaeological Research, Inc. Founded by John Vogel, Ph.D., Heritage Research, Ltd., conductions Environmental and Historical Reviews for NEPA and Section 106 projects throughout the Midwest.